Monday, October 02, 2006

Classified ads online

Hello all,

I'm looking for some feedback and your brilliant ideas here.

If and when you are looking to sell your Land Rover, or some parts, how would you like to do it. How would you like to help.
Is it important to you to have your ad in print in the mag as well as online? Does being able to add video to your classified ad turn your head?

What's the fair balance between the price you pay and the response you get? By which I mean, do you find free ads work - (if they aren't also listed in print). Where do you get the best response.

When you are looking for things to buy where do you prefer: in print, on a website, which websites? How do you like to ask questions about what you want to buy? text, email, phone, face to face?

What are your fears when you put anything for sale on line - or when you try to advertise it?

Is LRO a magazine/website you turn to when making your buying and selling decisions?

Do we just help you make decisions and then you make your buying choice elsewhere? If so, where do you go and what would make you finish the job on our site? What would you like us to do more of - and less of in the process?

Do you like to be able to haggle? Do you prefer a fixed price so everyone knows where they stand? How important is a quick sale to you?

Would you be prepared to pay more for your ad if your item sold at the right price in a shorter time?

What else matters when you are looking for a land rover to buy? What bothers you about adverts? Anything you have to say in this field is very, very welcome positive or negative.

It is of course, really useful market research for us, but it could also make the difference in making the items you want to sell, sell fast, or in finding the items you want to buy as efficiently as possible.

Many thanks

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Anonymous said...

Posted on behalf of Reuben Major:

to cut a long story short , i thought it might be a good idea with all private sales ads wether on web or in print to get the advertisers to fill in a response form that tells where the item was finally sold from a response from either the magazine or from the web site etc , then list in both spots that ( for example) 78% of advertisers got the final sale for the price they wanted after being seen by buyers on this page or the magazine space in print so that your occasional advertiser knows where to ask to have best chance of a sale fastest etc etc
You probably do that already for a guess ?

one of the points was , what do we think of adverts altogether , . and my answer would be ,, they are a neccesary evil , in that when your not looking to buy what that person is selling in their ad , you re just not going to be intersted in it , but one day you might be ! so every ad is valid really

however i do find with the magazine that the adverts out weigh the article content noticably and i feel that if the balance was adjusted it would make for more interesting reading . Perhaps !

i ve added the site to my favourites and i ll check it regularly to see what is going on .

It s a very difficult job , you are doing and your doing well with it . Well done , and all the best with it