Friday, October 20, 2006

Bugs and fixes - and a brief break from me!

New site development is continuing well.
We're pretty much into bug fixing and things like data imports, creating the news archive and admin functions now.
There's no doubt, blogs and forums took longer than Toby estimated. So the reality is the launch is going to be rather later than I had led you all to believe - for which I apologise.
We're now looking at middle of next month for everything live and online.
My understanding is that this is a cast iron certainty - further drift ain't likely to get tolerated by any party!
What this also means is there is a short lull in the requirement for my full-time focus on the new site development. For this reason I feel I am able to answer a call from MCN (I am officially still on secondment from to bail them out of a pretty deep and unavaoidable hole. From Monday I'll be heading up the production team on MCN.
I've agreed to help out for just two weeks, to give them breathing space to re-organise.
I will be staying in minute-by-minute contact with the LRO new site development via all the usual routes. I may not be able to update the current site as often as I'd wish (but it won't be entirely neglected, I promise).
In the meantime, please keep testing the new site, I will see, and make the most of, all feedback you have to offer. And I'll still be looking in here, too.
The worrying thing is how little you might notice I'm gone!

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