Monday, November 06, 2006

Back on it full time!

Many thanks for your efforts so far - and to those of you who have recently expressed an interest in trialling the new site, a very warm welcome.

Our numbers are steadily rising and what you've been able to tell us has been extremely useful in honing the community to suit its users.

We're still fixing some of the bugs you've helped uncover. I'm now back from a brief break helping out another part of the business, and our developers are back full time on the LRO project.

Just as well really - we're committed to a mid-November public launch!

Please do come and have another try on the test site. Blogs in particular are worth persisting with as we're going to retain much of the content you've created in the blogs on the new site (obviously we'll get rid of the tests and errors) but we're now in a position where you can start building a strong blog to give yourself a great head-start when launch happens. Make sure you rate each others work, too!

Hope to see you soon over at:

Best regards


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