Friday, September 29, 2006

The errors I've encountered (and logged) so far

Here's some stuff I found so far; they are all being fed back to the developers for rapid fixes:


When users create a blog there’s no way for them to find it again once published in current mode unless it is one of the top 10 rated.

When creating a blog, user writes title and then adds text.
The text filled in the ‘description’ text box doesn’t appear anywhere once saved.

This is very confusing for users who think their blog has disappeared.

In fact, I think what is happening is that the description field is not being displayed.


Error in text: (example provided to developers)

No way to edit text.

When creating a gallery – seems a bit odd that the wysiwg still shows abilty to add image icon. Could (should?) this be disabled in the gallery function?
When I selected this I seemed to have access to all the images uploaded by pc and cc. Am I meant to be able to see these. Selecting one resulted in an upload error.

Tried to rate this blog: (example provided to developers) while looking at its gallery. Got error message:
I'm sorry, but we could not retrieve the information you requested due to a technical problem with the site. The problem has been recorded and we will work to fix this as soon as possible.

cannot find blog

Was able to rate it when viewed at blog level!

Now having real trouble publishing a blog. Add content but then see now way of it appearing elsewhere. Ah ha! It ONLY appears once I have rated it (which I’m not meant to be able to do!)
(example provided to developers)
Also blog settings (description field), doesn’t appear anywhere to me?

On this page: (example provided to developers)

Post displays a broken image.

No way to edit content of post!

Edit blog settings simply returns edit ‘description’ field. No option for editing text of blog.

Still able to rate my own blogs! (11.50am, Friday)

Error when having a look at a users profile:

"I'm sorry, but we could not retrieve the information you requested due to a technical problem with the site. The problem has been recorded and we will work to fix this as soon as possible.


When I select private message, I get create a profile (for myself!)

Therefore I see no way to send private message?

Blogs now available for test

Hi all,

The new LRO blogs are now available for test.
We've got a few more bits to sort out - finishing off the blogs homepage, adding the video element, adding the email-a-friend easy-share stuff.

But the basic of creating, adding a post, editing them, adding images, adding galleries, adding links etc are all in pretty good shape. So is the ratings system.

I think it's all pretty user friendly. But I'm just one person. So let's hear back from those of you who have signed up to give it a try!

FYI a groups function will be added soon after launch - the backend for this is already in place.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just seen the new blogs and tried them

Hi everyone.

I just had my first play on the new LRO blogs. They look pretty good - about the most user friendly I've seen so far.
Lots of easy-to-understand icons.
Image uploaded works a treat, video is still being finalised.
Rating system works nicely. Links are easy to do and understand.
So far I'm very chuffed.
A few more tweaks are going to be added tonight and it may be as early as tomorrow that I am able to share the blogs in their beta form with those of you who have put your necks out to give em a go.
I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Progress - but still plenty to do

I had the following IM conversation with our developers today:

How is LRO going?
Well, still getting there. Blogs are pretty much there now. I just have the front page to do plus some fields to add into the create a blog page. Then I will be able to let you loose on it.
Tomorrow morning, do you think, for playtime?
Yes, I would think.
Great. I have a few volunteers ready to trial it.
Once I have blogs cracked, I am going to do look and feel cleanup on forums. And then I'm left with the editorial cms (content management system) and the encyclopedic sections.
Well, I'm definatley going to need the weekend now. Once I have blogs and forums done, I will have a much better idea.

More updates as we get them. Add your comments below

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogs are still 'in progress'

Well, there have been a few minor glitches for our developers (power outages are pretty difficult for developers to work around!), so the delivery of blogs for testing is a little behind schedule.
However, they tell me they still intend to have everything finished by Sunday this week.
And Blogs should be finalised within the next two days.
I'll keep you posted!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks for looking in

This blog is entirely aimed at those with an interest in the new build of the website (ie for Land Rover Owner magazine).

I'll use it to share news/updates and to gauge your opinions on what we are doing.

I actively welcome your ideas and feedback because we want to make this site, as much as possible (ie as much as we can afford!) match what you want.

So, here's the latest news:

We're very close to completing our own blogs module. If you want to be involved in early testing, watch this:

An improved forum will also be included.
The new site will also have a news archive. We're planning to have buying guides in some form or other, too.
Classified ads of Land Rovers for sale will be searchable.
Events guide stays, as does some great directory functions.

In other words you will have all the content you've enjoyed on the old site (including all the forums moving intact) PLUS Blogs, improved forums, a news archive, a new look, better ad types and some more stuff I've forgotten right now.

I'll keep you updated as things move on. The developers are still planning to hit the Sep 29 deadline to go into QA (ie testing).