Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks for looking in

This blog is entirely aimed at those with an interest in the new build of the website (ie for Land Rover Owner magazine).

I'll use it to share news/updates and to gauge your opinions on what we are doing.

I actively welcome your ideas and feedback because we want to make this site, as much as possible (ie as much as we can afford!) match what you want.

So, here's the latest news:

We're very close to completing our own blogs module. If you want to be involved in early testing, watch this:

An improved forum will also be included.
The new site will also have a news archive. We're planning to have buying guides in some form or other, too.
Classified ads of Land Rovers for sale will be searchable.
Events guide stays, as does some great directory functions.

In other words you will have all the content you've enjoyed on the old site (including all the forums moving intact) PLUS Blogs, improved forums, a news archive, a new look, better ad types and some more stuff I've forgotten right now.

I'll keep you updated as things move on. The developers are still planning to hit the Sep 29 deadline to go into QA (ie testing).

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