Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Progress - but still plenty to do

I had the following IM conversation with our developers today:

How is LRO going?
Well, still getting there. Blogs are pretty much there now. I just have the front page to do plus some fields to add into the create a blog page. Then I will be able to let you loose on it.
Tomorrow morning, do you think, for playtime?
Yes, I would think.
Great. I have a few volunteers ready to trial it.
Once I have blogs cracked, I am going to do look and feel cleanup on forums. And then I'm left with the editorial cms (content management system) and the encyclopedic sections.
Well, I'm definatley going to need the weekend now. Once I have blogs and forums done, I will have a much better idea.

More updates as we get them. Add your comments below

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